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The Penguin Colony
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So, I just finished watching Fast Five, and for some reason it got my hyped up, and flash backs of previous lifes, good ones.

For those just joining, my "previous lifes" are actually moments in of time in my life where I was a very distinctive person with very distinctive people around me. Some of those people are here, some are on FB, and some are still friends IRL to this day.

Side note: If I use acronyms, and you don't know what they mean, ask. Other wise, I'll use my TLAs as I see fit.

Moving on.

The flash backs were nice, maybe not at good times overall, but the specific moments were nice.

"The flash of feeling everything around you, as you touch the keyboard, the electrons and impulse become part of who you are. You type faster than you can think, to the point of closing your eyes so your body is no longer restricted to typing at the speed that you read. It types faster, and faster, and faster, until the very definition of being a code poet are proven."

"The crowds of people, walk by, as if you're not even there.  They don't know what you do.  They don't physical feel what you do.  They don't feel what you do.  No, worse, the feel a part of what you feel.  As they don't realize that at that very second, you feel everything they feel.  You are not lost in the crowd, you see the pathways, you feel the space between couples joined at the hip.  You feel the joy of the children, and the pain of those that are truly alone.  At once, you join them, all together, for that brief second, and that's when you find what you are looking for.  The truth.  The person that has what you want, and you go to them.  You smile, you comfort them with gentle words, and you leave.  You got your drug... you helped someone, you made their day better, and those endorphins will get you through until the next day."

"The wind flows around you, the sweat falls off your brow.  Every breath is felt, every heartbeat.  You hear cheering from a circle of people ranging from 2-4 meters around you.  But that doesn't matter, all that does is the person in front of you.  The person that you face has nothing to prove, you have everything, and that is your only advantage.  You stand, relaxed at the knees and in the shoulders.  You reach out, and focus, not with your arms, or hands, but your very life.  He comes at you, but time stops, you see his entire being, almost layered, from skin, to muscle, to bone.  You catch his wrist, and sliding your way up the arm, to the neck, and back down to his knee, you never try to hurt him.  You just touch him.  You control his life.  And the next second, while fresh blood covers his face, the fresh brick dust on his fist from punching the ground, he realizes that he's not your opponent, but your friend.  And you've earned your stripe.

These are my lifes, this is my soul, and forever a part of what makes me.

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So, another friend has started an LJ, and that led to me logging on again after quite some time.

I can't believe it has been so long, not because I can't believe I never post, but rather that time has flown by so fast. Perhaps I'll use this as a muse, as a place to post incoherent thoughts before trying to pull them together.

It's nice because no one reads it anymore... aside from spammers, and those that are remember me from a past life (or 3).

Yep, after 5 years, this is what you get! MWAHAHA!

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Yes, I post rarely, and even seem as though I fall off the face of the earth. I actually find myself posting not to update, but to let people know all is well.

There are certain friends that I miss, that I long to know are ok. Some, I hear from, and others, I never do any more. A few a missed dearly. The rebel in me cries out for those that share a similiar mindset.

The gamer in me demands the time it takes to feed my addiction. The geek in me wonders why I don't have a true webpage any longer. The child in me wants to get out and play more. The... physical? side of me isn't patient in waiting until Jan to work out and get back in shape.

There's not enough time in the day.

I have finished up running Blitz for Wal-Mart ISD. A lot of visibility, a lot of fun, a lot of pressure.

I'm officially a Dale Carnegie Graduate, and now have a certificate that says I know how to socially engineer people. I also won an award for being the most motivational.

Anyways, I should get back to surfing and resting, and hopefully getting to feeling better before tonight's game.
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So, I finally got the last of my comp from Catalyst for GenCon and Dragon*Con ($70 cash and $70 in comp from their online store). It added to my thoughts that I should write more. There's not an open invite for people to submit for the Shadowrun tournaments for Origins and GenCon. I think I'm going to toss my hat into the ring.

This will be my first real venture into something largely published. I get to set the standards, I get to set the scene, it's not just an adventure, but something that will first be judged, then if successful, it will be used to judge others (and thus judged again by those interested in it).

I was told that I should develop story lines for games by a co-worker. The funny thing is, it was from me describe why I have issues with a class I'm taking, specifically one of their methods of memorizing things. It's too bland.

You use numbers and words to associate the item, and thus can even do it in a list.

For example, 1 - Run. If you remember that, then you remember horses at the races. And as a horse jumps from the gate, he has the object you want to remember either in his mouth or on his back.

The problem I have? I see this:
1 - Run. It's race day here at Camptown RaceTrack. The regulars are sitting in their box seats, tickets in hand for who they know are going to win, be it by luck or mathematical calculation based on the horses, weather, track conditions, and jockeys themselves. A gentleman seems slightly more on edge, as if he shouldn't be here, but he has to be. Possibly for the sake of his daughter? If one of his horses doesn't win, he won't be able to afford the treatment for her that she needs.

And the gates are open and the horses are off! But wait! This is the Centaur race, and it looks like the #7, Down-Trodden Swiftly, has taken the lead! His dark black coat obviously freshly shined for just this race. He's putting everything he's got into it, as if he knows something we don't. But look out, there's #4, Sandman-Come-Early, a brown and white coming up to try to take the lead. The gentleman in the stands looks anxious, then stands and boldly begins cheering on #7 with every bit of breath in his lungs.

Oh, and I'm trying to remember a shopping list, and the first item is rice...

While my story telling (and past speech/leadership classes) allows me to not have to do any home work for the class, I'm still slipping on some things like this. Kind of sad really. If asked in the future what the horses' names are, or if Camptown RaceTrack is 5 miles long, I could answer very easily. But, I would forget in a matter of an hour or so that I need rice for the Chicken Teryaki tonight. I would be more likely to remember it by remember the entire recipe and how to prepare it, and compare it with the image in my head of the pantry without rice.

So, while I won't be posting my game stories (due to not wanting possible players to read them), I hope to start post randomness to be openly critiqued and eventually get away from programming for Wal-Mart (or for a living, honestly) in the future.

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So my normal work day should be coming to a close in an hour, however I'm at home posting. The reason for this is my chest and throat hurt when I talk. This makes it very problem-matic for someone who has nothing but meetings in which he must talk all day.

So, I called in sick, kind of. I'm still working, doing needed documentation, sending out tons of e-mails, and I'm going to a lunch at Shoguns that I scheduled. Hopefully the warm fresh cooked food will help how I feel.

The first update is for GenCon. For those unfamiliar, I go to Cons working for the owners of Shadowrun (the new wonderful owners are Catalyst Game Labs) and running games. I had a lot of compliments, and was informally made aware of the fact that I'm apparently one of the top 5 gamemasters. I feel that almost all of our GMs are great, so it was high praised. All of my games went well, and I got to spend a bit of time in the exhibit hall.

This year I went with a group of friends that have never gone to GenCon. One was smart, and did his own thing. Another was with me (or the Shadowrun group) most of the time. The other two always wanted me to take what little free time I had and meet up with them. Needless to say, it didn't happen.

Next year, I'm staying with the Shadowrun people (as this year I stayed with my friends). I only get to see the Shadowrun people once a year, and they are usually the ones I'm out with until around 2am. They also understand waking up at 7am to run a game, and don't complain if you want to take a nap or tour the exhibit hall during those two hours you managed to get for lunch.

That, and Betsy and Stephen rock! Shadowrun g33ks unite!

The next update is for Dragon*Con. Again, I went with friends (two that were with me at GenCon), and again I ran Shadowrun games. This con was a blast because of the people. Sooo many people dressed up, cosplaying a million different things. It was so great!

Next year, I think I'll join the fun and Cosplay either Xigbar or Xaldin from Orginzation XIII of Kingdom Hearts II.

I also plan on working with a friend and both of us going as Hunters (from the Metriod Series). This on top of much zombie antics should provide much amusement.

We played in a D&D tournament called the Cheese Grinder. I played an Elan Psion (Shaper). Which translates into a powerful Psion that creates things (and creatures) out of ectoplasm. He had a ton of power points to fuel his powers and abilities, and could sacrifice power points to reduce damage (on a 1:2 pp to hit point ratio). It was us against 7 other evil teams, and the winner would fight against the champion of the 8 good teams. We tied with one other evil team. In doing so, our team sent out their champion, and chose me to fight for them.

There's one slight problem... The finals for the tournament started at 10pm, and I wanted to be in line for a concert at 10:30, 11 at the latest. Neither was possible (meaning horrible positioning at the free open to all con goers concert) if I was to fight and win, then us fight as a group. I had the guy sweating (literally), but in the end, he won because I didn't negate enough damage from his very last attack (causing him to win by a 2% margin).

The concert was The Cruxshadows (aka, The Crewshadows). It was beautiful. I realize I've talked about it before, but it was just that awesome!!!! I was sad to see their violinist leave, and I'm not sure if they've got a new one or what they are doing, as it seems like they wouldn't be the same without one...

For news away from that, I'm sick with a sinus infection, and going in search of chicken soup.

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So, I missed the memo, and it leaves me concerned about the war on squirrels. Even if we've signed a petition, I'll still hate them. Call it post-traumatic squirrel syndrome (ptss for short).

Obviously, this is courtesy of Ctrl+Alt+Del

Oh, and if you're curious who actually wins between puny humans, gaming robots, penguins, and scorpions, just look hereCollapse )

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So, on top of all the other games I play, I have taken to eating and breathing Bioshock. It's an absolutely beautiful game that I would suggest any Horror/FPS/Art/Mood Music fan (any or all of the above can apply to you) for this game. For the best effect, turn off all the lights and play it at night.

For those that have played it, you'll get this. For those that don't, play the game!

Obviously, this is courtesy of Ctrl+Alt+Del

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Wow... has it really been 33 weeks since my last post? I suppose it has.

I'm supposed to be getting up and ready for work, but after hitting my second con in less than a month, I'm dragging pretty badly.

The cons in question are GenCon (wonderful RPG gaming con) and Dragon*Con (fantasy/sci-fi con, with a little bit of gaming). I ran ShadowRun (16 hrs) at both, and was flattered by other people about how much they enjoyed playing it.

I also had the pleasure of running into vyoletnytmayre, a new friend based out of Seattle, and likely one that I'll abuse to crash at for PAX (Penny-Arcade Expo, an Electronics/Console & PC Con).

Of course having now typed that, I wonder if I even did the user command correctly. There used to be a day that I never questioned the commands, I could LJ like the best of them.

Of course, I also didn't have sponsors and advertisements either...

I even remember when the sponsors and advertisements didn't exist; of course, neither did all of the really awesome features that they have now.

As well, I should be heading to work to start earning money for next year's con season.

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Show love to the Ctrl+Alt+Del

And in case you're confused... It's Winter-een-mas Season!


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Ok, currently I'm at a Hotel after a wedding 4 hours from home, and I know that I need to sync up my mySpace blog with my LJ blog, because honestly I believe my LJ is more important. However, I'm too tired and/or lazy at this current point in time. So, feel free to peruse over at mySpace blog.

Please don't flog me for mySpace, it just has more people that constantly want to talk, and I haven't had time for both.

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